Steers Restaurant Collects Consumer Insights Through SMS Mobile Surveys

Steers Uses Mobile SMS Surveys for Consumer Insights

The Challenge

In regions of the world where the majority of the population does not have regular Internet access, it can be difficult for businesses to carry out market research and gather feedback from their customers about the products and services they provide.

Steers Kenya, one of the leading quick service restaurant chains in Kenya, needed to gain a deeper understanding of its target consumers in order to refine its product and service offerings, and to find areas of potential improvement in the customer experience journey.

The majority of consumers in Kenya don’t have access to computers and smartphones regularly, and Internet and electricity services are unreliable and expensive. Carrying out consumer experience surveys often involves door-to-door surveying, which is time-consuming, expensive and inefficient.

Bamba worked with Steers Kenya to collect, aggregate and analyze consumer insights in real-time via an SMS mobile survey using the Bamba mobile survey platform. Below, we detail how we leveraged the Bamba platform to collect insights from Steers customers about their experiences with the restaurant.

The Innovation

Here’s how it worked:

1. Steers provided Bamba with contact information for 830 customers, which had been collected through prior promotional campaigns run by the restaurant chain. We uploaded these into the Bamba system.

2. We worked with Steers to optimize their desired survey questions for mobile survey format. We then set up the survey in the platform.

3. The short, 4-question survey was sent out to the sample of 830 Steers customers via a series of free SMS text messages. Engaged respondents answered and received questions in a conversational, back-and-forth format via text messages.

4. In order to incentivize survey completion, Steers was able to offer coupon codes to each respondent that completed the survey. Respondents were informed of the incentive at the start of the survey, and received their discount codes upon completion.

5. Responses started registering into the platform within minutes, showing a dashboard displaying results in real-time as surveys were completed. A reminder was automatically sent out to individuals who had not yet completed the survey, which further increased the response rate.

6. After 5 days, the survey was closed and results were analyzed by the system. A report was created for Steers that detailed highlights of the results, and also provided raw data.

Flowchart: Bamba SMS Consumer Experience Survey for Steers Restaurant

The Impact

While the average survey completion rate that Steers has received in the past is roughly 7%, the incentivized mobile SMS survey resulted in a 13% completion rate, with a total of 108 completed surveys. The results were exactly what Steers needed to determine areas of focus for future customer experience improvement efforts, and how to improve their food offerings.

Steers was able to gather information about:

  • Which menu items are most and least popular
  • Quality of customer service
  • Customers’ pain points related to order and delivery
  • How certain food items/offerings could be improved
  • How customers rated the overall Steers experience
  • The level of excitement and enthusiasm, as well as loyalty, that customers felt for the company

    Steers Mobile SMS Survey Results


    In Conclusion…

    Despite the survey having only 4 questions, spanning 5 days, and costing far less than most data collection methods used throughout Kenya, Steers was able to gather valuable consumer insights that can help them perfect their product and service offerings, ensuring that they are doing everything they can to make their customers happy.

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